Technology Leader in Biogas

WABIO is the leading provider of high-tech large-scale biogas plants, bringing over 30 years of experience and biotechnology research

WABIO turns organic waste into energy and power, through the digestion of organic wastes, including lingo cellulose (wood material).

Any organic feedstock is transformed into electric power, heat, biomethane, bio Compressed Natural Gas (bio-CNG), bio Liquified Natural Gas (bio-LNG), and also green technical liquid CO2 and dry ice, carbonized CO2 as biochar, and hydrogen

Our biogas plants pipe renewable green biogas directly to the grid to power industries, homes, and transport systems. In simple terms, we turn trash to treasure.

Sustainability in a circular economy

WABIO turns organic waste into Compressed Natural Gas (bio-CNG), Liquified Natural Gas (bio-LNG), or biomethane.

30+ Years

of experience in research and development in biogas, feedstock and fertilizer

178 Million M³

methane captured per year

2 Million Tonnes

of avoided fossil CO2 emissions per year

223 MWth

of installed and designed capacity



WABIO produces biogas from any organic waste and/or manure, including ligno-cellulosic material.


The biogas is converted to green electricity or heat for the grid, or to renewable gas (bioCNG, bioLNG) for industries, heavy duty transportation and shipping.


WABIO guarantees its yields thanks to highly efficient anaerobic digestion and technology.


WABIO plants are scalable from 1MW to 60MW or more.

Land Use

WABIO has the lowest land use in the industry.


The fermentation residue from organic waste is an organic nutrient-rich fertiliser.

Carbon Credits

WABIO is a historically profitable operation that is carbon negative.

Environmental Impact

Methane (CH4) emissions – 40+ times more detrimental to our atmosphere than CO2 – are avoided.

Our Impact

Sustainability Impact

WABIO is driven by the wish to produce a clean alternative to fossil fuel, offering the industry’s most efficiently produced renewable biogas.

We work on balancing energy efficiency and emission reduction, while effectively protecting the environment. Our commitments and way of work extend to our partners, stakeholders, customers, and the communities where our plants are built.

We believe that working sustainably, responsibly and in a circular manner is the only way to achieve long-term success.

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