Harbin, China

  • 30 MW – First largest commercial biogas plant ever built
  • Corn Straw and Rice Straw Input
  • 2022

Project Details

Location: Harbin, China

Year of Construction: 2022

Input Materials: 58.000 t/a corn straw and 58.000 t/a rice straw

Power: 30 MW

Output: bio CNG

The Harbin, China plant completed construction in April 2022. Sitting on approximately 13 hectares of land, in which half of the space is feedstock storage, it is the world largest biogas plant that uses only corn and rice straw as waste input.

Utilising WABIO technology reduces green house gas emissions when comparing feedstocks incineration. Instead of burning the waste, corn and rice straw are converted into green energy, creating a profitable business for the client.

With its proprietary process, WABIO shows that its production can have up to 0.6 Nm3 on 65% methane rate per kg of corn straw.

This yield is currently the highest yield in the biogas industry.

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