Neukirchen, Germany

  • 1 MW el
  • Diverse organic waste input
  • 1997

Project Details

Location: Neukirchen, Germany

Year of Construction: 1997

Input Materials: Diverse organic waste

Output power capacity: 1 MW el

Our biogas plant located in Neukirchen, Germany is one of the first plants built by our organization. This plant utilizes municipal solid waste (MSW) and all other organic waste such as rice husk as its feedstock. It is operated by our skilled employees from WABIO and is used for various test runs for several new organic materials or mixtures.

It is also worth noting that this biogas plant has been operating at full capacity since its construction. Furthermore, a significant advantage of this plant is that we have not needed to open the tank for cleaning or second inoculum injection, which is a testament to the efficiency of the technology and the quality of the operations. Not having to open the tank ever after the first bacterial innoculum contributes to the overall cost-effectiveness of the plant, making it an excellent choice for sustainable waste management and renewable energy generation.

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