Bad Köstritz, Germany

  • 4 MW
  • Mixed organic food waste and organic part of municipal waste Input

Project Details

Location: Bad Köstritz, Germany

Year of Construction: 2007

Input Materials: 60.000 tonnes per year (Municipal and Sewage Waste – MSW -, food waste)

Power: 4 MW

This biogas plant was designed not only to be able to receive waste directly from the dump truck, but also from the incoming garbage bin.

The plant is equipped with automated lines for retrieval of waste and also for the cleaning of the bin itself.

In addition to that, the plant has waste separation systems that help to segregate the packed food waste from surrounding supermarkets.

One of the unique features in this MSW plant is that our fermenter tank does not have a mechanical stirrer, which is commonly found in conventional biogas technology. Consequently, WABIO Technology’s tank requires very low maintenance and never needs to be opened for sediment cleaning. This leads to the important and uniqueness of WABIO that we never have to add a second inoculum.

The WABIO plant in Bad Koestritz shows that our daily household wastes are very valuable producing 4.1MW of electricity equivalent to electric power for approximately 12,400 households in Germany.

Not only does it produce green electricity, but it also helps the neighbouring chemical factory supplying the heat generated by our gas engine.

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