Vrbas, Serbia

  • 2.4 MW el
  • Sugar beet pulps and other organic sugar industry waste

Project Details

Location: Vrbas, Serbia

Year of Construction: 2022

Input Materials: 42,400 tonnes per year of sugar beet pulps and other organic waste from the sugar industry

Output power capacity: 2.4MWel

Vrbas biogas plant is located in the northern part of Serbia, leading the way in sustainable energy production in its region. Using our most efficient technology in the biogas industry, WABIO is a significant contributor to Serbia’s goal of increasing renewable energy to 40% by 2040.

The plant utilizes a combination of aerobic and anaerobic digestion, and – with WABIO’s specially cultured bacteria – it can break down organic waste very efficiently. The biogas produced by the plant is then used to generate electricity for about 5,000 households.

All waste products from this plant are converted into organic fertilizer and bio filtrates redistributed in the surrounding agricultural land. Excess water is also filtered and re-used in the plant. Therefore, this plant generates ZERO waste and is a prime example of circular economy.

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