Roding, Germany

  • 800 kW el
  • Pioneer project
  • Municipal waste and rice straws input

Project Details

Location: Roding, Germany

Year of Construction: 1995

Input Materials: Municipal and Sewage Waste (MSW) and Rice Straws

Power: 800 kW el

The biogas plant located in Roding, Germany is a pioneering biological MSW disposal facility established by our organization. This plant represents a crucial pilot project for the state of Bavaria, providing a sustainable solution for the disposal of municipal solid waste. The feedstock for this plant is MSW, which is effectively converted into biogas through a highly efficient and sustainable process. The Roding biogas plant has been operating successfully for several years and continues to serve as a benchmark for other similar projects in the region.

The Roding Biogas plant also underwent a significant transformation in its feedstock utilization, adding agricultural waste such as straws to its input. This change allowed for greater efficiency and enhanced environmental benefits, while still generating valuable biogas and other useful by products. Despite this addition, the plant has continued to operate smoothly, further underscoring its versatility and adaptability to changing waste management needs.

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